About us


QUANG KHAP COMPANY LIMITED (abbreviated as “QKFOOD”) was established in 2015. Its initial activities focus on the transportation of raw material and aquaculture.

With a long-term vision and a sustainable development perspective, QKFOOD focuses on developing frozen seafood processing and exporting.

QKFOOD constantly strives to create products and services towards customer satisfaction. QKFOOD is building professionalism in management as well as in business to develop the whole system more effectively, meeting the increasing demands of the world market.

  • Transaction name: QUANG KHAP COMPANY LIMITED
  • Abbreviated name: QKFOOD
  • Slogan: “The Taste of Mekong River”
  • EU CODE: DL917
  • Year of establishment: 2015
  • Address: Group 14, Vinh Thanh Trung commune, Chau Phu district, An Giang province, Vietnam
  • Telephone: +84.296 368 8687 
  • Fax: +84. 296 368 8687 
  • Email: sales@qkfood.com.vn
  • Website: www.qkfood.com.vn
  • Establishment number: 1601978282 issued by the Department of Planning and Investment of An Giang province
  • Ownership style: limited company
  • Inland aquaculture, trading and exporting – importing of aquatic products.
  • Processing of seafood by-products, warehouse and goods storage services
  • Processing and preserving of seafood and aquatic products

QKFOOD is currently owning 2 factories and a 20-ha farming area with an output of 20,000 MT/year sufficiently supplying raw material for the company’s production need.

  • Factory capacity: 30MT/factory/date
  • Number of workers: 450
  • Equipment:
    • 2 freezers of 750kg/h capacity
    • 2 refreezers of 1 MT/h capacity
    • 2 air blast freezers of 5 MT/batch
    • 400 MT coldstorage
    • Flake ice machine of 15 MT/24 hours capacity
  • Product strategy: QKFOOD focus on the production of the following products with their percentage:
    • Fillet: 50%
    • Butterfly cut: 30%
    • HGT: 10%
    • Steak: 5%
    • Portion: 5%
  • Market strategy:
    • China: 40% + Asia: 20%
    • South America: 20%
    • EU: 10%
    • Others: 10%

With enthusiasm and continuous development efforts, the Board of Directors and all employees are determined to pursue the core values ​​and operate in our core areas, bringing the best values of Vietnamese seafood products to our customers and partners.

Meaning of the Logo

QKFOOD’s logo is a picture of a fish leaping out of the water against a vast blue ocean. The green QKFOOD represents clean, natural, and human-friendly products. The yellow slogan represents the quintessence of the Mekong Delta and strives for success and sustainable development.

Slogan: “The Taste of Mekong River”

The slogan is the value of purity and essence of Mekong Delta seafood products that QKFOOD wants to bring to consumers in all over the world, aiming to sustainable development.


QKFOOD’s goal is to rank in the top 50 manufacturers of Vietnam Pangasius exporters, supply seafood products on a stable basis with specific quality and achieve a revenue of 20 million USD by 2025.


QKFOOD strives to become the leading seafood supplier in Vietnam, known for its diversified, specialized, stable products and competitive prices with stable raw materials and advanced production processes, meeting the the more demanding the consumer.